1.  Early Spring – pre-emergent crabgrass control, weed control & fertilizer.
2.  Late Spring – fertilizer & weed control.
3.  Summer – fertilizer application.
4.  Summer Insect – insect control. (done in combination with #3)
5.  Fall – fertilizer, weed control or starter fertilizer for newly seeded lawns.
6.  Dormant – fertilizer for winter root development.

A.  Disease Control – Fungicide varies with disease (may need more than 1 
      application throughout the season)
B.  Lime & Aeration application 
C.  Dethatch & Over Seeding (slice seeding)
D.  Grub Control – during summer months.
E.  Flea & Tick – every 6-8 weeks
F.  Round Up – vegetation control
G.  Mosquito Control – every 4-6 weeks (June/July/August)

Optional applications will be done during the season as needed or as requested by the homeowner.

Please keep off pesticide treated areas for 24 hours.  After each application, at least one white flag marked "Pesticide Treated Area" will be placed on your property.  We are required to leave this after each treatment and it must remain in place for 72 hours.

Service calls are included with the Regular Program.  Partial program (less than 5 applications) will be charged a service call of $25.00 plus the cost of the application provided.

REMINDER: Our products work best as long as YOU REMEMBER TO WATER AS INSTRUCTED. If you do not have a sprinkler system or you have a system in need of repair, please call our office or click on the "Total Turf Inc." link, to schedule an appointment for repair or a sprinkler system estimate with TOTAL TURF INC.
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